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Measures have been taken to introduce e-governance in the Employment Department to improve speed efficiency and transparency

1)All the 97 offices of the department are computer enabled and connected through BSNL/KSWAN Broad Band.

2)Fast and efficient intra office communication is made possible through official e-Mail introduced through C-Dit/KSITM in all these offices.

3)SPARK (Service and Payroll Administrative Repository of Kerala)-implemented in all 97 offices.

4)Computerisation of Employment Exchanges nearing completion.

5)24 X 7 online services are contemplated.

Project Management

The e-governance project is managed by the computer cell in the Directorate of Employment, Thiruvananthapuram. 

Support Partners 

Technical Support          -        KSITM

Software support                   NIC

Hardware support          -        NICSI / DGSD RC Agencies

Network support            -        KSWAN/BSNL

Data Hosting                  -        KSDC

H R Development            -        IMG / NIC

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