new2Niyukthi'2015 Mega Recruitment Drive @ Kollam (21.02.15)Ernakulam (10/11.01.15), Palakkad (14.02.15), Nilambur (07.02.15) Kannur (28.02.15)  new2 Niyukthi'2015- Mega Recruitment Drive - Entry for Online Registrants only.new2ERNAKULAM JOBFEST SUCCESSFULLY COMPLETED. new2ONLINE REGISTRATION FOR KOLLAM JOBFEST CONTINUING.new2 REGISTRATION FOR PALAKKKAD & NILAMBUR JOBFESTS CLOSED since registration reached maximum admissible. new2 Online Registration for Kannur location starting soon......

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Job Fest @ Ernakulam, Kollam, Nilambur, Kannur and Palakkad

Ernakulam Job Fest Successfully Completed



Admit Card download date for Nilambur & Palakkad JobFest to be announced soon...

Entry only to those who bring downloaded Admit Card.

Also bring 1. A valid Photo Identity Card

                 2. Five Copies of resume along with self attested copies of certificates 

                 3. All certificates in original

Online registration for Kannur Job Fests starting soon

Orientation session to registrants through various Employability Centre

Unemployment Allowance Scheme

The scheme for providing dole at the rate of Rs. 120/- per month to the unemployed who are registered in the Employment Exchange in Kerala is called the Unemployment Allowance Scheme. The unemployment Allowance Scheme was introduced in 1982 by the Government of Kerala vide G.O(P) No.40/82/LBR dated 12/11/1982.
The scheme was being implemented through National Employment Service-Kerala upto 28/5/1998. Consequent on enacting the Kerala Panchayath Raj and Municipalities  Act of 1994, the scheme was transferred to Local Bodies vide G.O(P) No23/98/LBR dated 28/05/1998. Now the Unemployment dole is distributed through Local Bodies.

Application under the UAS is verified in the concerned Employment Exchanges. Allotment for the disbursement of the dole is given by the Employment Department to the local body authorities.  Installments of the dole are disbursed to the beneficiaries by the concerned Grama Panchayaths/Municipalities/ Corporations.

The scheme is monitored by the department. Regular audit is conducted on Local Bodies by the department.

The budget allocation for this purpose, for the financial year 2011-12 is  Rs. 51,11,79,000/- crores and at present there are 318810 UAS beneficiaries in the State.

        For applying for Unemployment Allowance the candidate should have a registration seniority of 3 years after completing 18 years of age. The upper age limit is 35 years, the educational qualification for general categories is SSLC Pass. In the case of Scheduled tribe/caste candidates, they should have at least appeared for the SSLC examination after regular.
Physically handicapped candidates should have attended SSLC Examination after regular schooling and should have continuous Registration Seniority for 2 years after attaining 18 years of age.

The annual family income limit for applying Unemployment Allowance  Scheme is fixed as Rs.12,000/-. The personal monthly income of the applicant should not be above Rs.100/- per month . Students are not  eligible for applying Unemployment  Allowance Scheme.

 As per the revised norms an eligible candidate can submit application for unemployment Allowance in the prescribed form at any time to  the local body concerned.
The welfare standing committee on verification may sanction or reject the application on merit and an eligible candidate can receive the Unemployment allowance for the next month of application onwards  when the Local Bodies are authorised to   disburse the amount.

The applicants whose applications are rejected can submit their appeal within 60 days of the receipt of the rejection memo from the local bodies to the District Collector concerned.   

 The Director of the Employment is the controlling authority of Unemployment Scheme in the State. The Government grant funds to the Director of Employment, he in turn, distributes the funds to the local bodies through District Employment Officers.  District Employment Officers are entrusted with the inspection of the accounts of Local Bodies. 
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